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ITHAKA / JSTOR / Artstor / Portico / ITHAKA S+R

ITHAKA / JSTOR / Artstor / Portico / ITHAKA S+R


ITHAKA is a not-for-profit working to improve access to knowledge and education through services including:
  • JSTOR, journals, books, images, and primary sources on a platform for research, teaching, and learning
  • Artstor, a collection of 3+ million images from the world’s cultural heritage
  • Ithaka S+R, collaborative strategies and research for higher education and the arts
  • Portico, preserving access to e-journals, ebooks, and digital collections for the future

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Scavenger Hunt: Which author's poem, Ithaka, and its message—that what we experience and learn on a journey is more valuable than arriving at our destination—sparked the idea for our name?

Answer: C.P. Cavafy


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