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Session Recording

OA in Practice: Implementing a Successful Transitional Agreement Recording


Many libraries are currently implementing transformative agreements and the changes to workflow and infrastructure can be daunting. What does an OA agreement look like in practice and how do libraries manage and implement it at their institutions? How have both sides of these agreements progressed in managing workflows, tracking OA publishing activity and spend, and more? How does implementing an OA agreement change the library’s relationship with researchers, or with scholarly communications? In what ways do these agreements impact the value of the library within its university?

In this session, Wiley will facilitate an interactive discussion that expands on the nuances of OA agreements for libraries, and how current transitional deals have provided new insights and best practices. Industry leaders who have successfully spearheaded transformative agreements will offer a range of perspectives to help attendees learn more about:

  • The key questions libraries and consortia should consider before setting their open access objectives or entering negotiations with publishers
  • How libraries are managing and implementing TA agreements with publishers
  • Insights on transformative/transitional agreements, including alignment with institutional objectives, successful partnerships with publishers and their implementation results
  • Case studies that offer real world application from industry leaders