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Session Recording

How Open Is Open?: A Conversation about Open Access Publishing, Transformative Agreements, and DEIA Recording


At its core, open access (OA) publishing aims to provide equitable access to all worldwide. With diverse open access publishing models, a variety of transformative agreements, and different forms of peer review, OA works to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA) in many ways. Yet, issues of DEIA are still pervasive in this publishing model. In addition, transformative agreements present their own opportunities and challenges that intersect with DEIA and open access publishing considerations. This lively panel discussion will include questions and issues to explore, including perspectives from librarians and a medium-sized publisher. Some topics to explore will include:

  • What mechanisms currently exist to support DEIA in open access?
  • What are the issues and challenges related to DEIA and open access?
  • What role do transformative agreements play in DEIA?
  • How is the allocation of budget to Open Access determined for libraries?
  • What, if any, are the common misconceptions about the allocation of budget to open access?
  • What should libraries consider when exploring or implementing transformative agreements?
  • What steps can libraries and publishers take to elevate DEIA in open access?
  • What is or should be the role of the publisher in these efforts?

I am the Electronic Resources Librarian and Interim Head of Acquisitions at Clemson Libraries. I have been with Clemson for four years, and this is the fourth Charleston Conference I have attended. It is my favorite conference for many different reasons!