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Session Recording

Oh, the Places We Can’t Go…Considering the Dynamics of Consortia-Publisher “Comfort Zones” in Open Access Solutions Recording


Description: Follow the leader? With inflation increasing costs of doing business while dealing with declining collection budgets, consortia and their members must find sustainable options to do more with even less. While Open Access (OA) initiatives in the form of transformative agreements move us towards more sustainable solutions, the current models may not suit some consortia and many libraries. Drawing upon inspiration from transformative agreements, crafting unique and sensible OA solutions is an alternative way to move forward in the “Wild West” that is the uncertainty of the OA movement. This lively discussion will provide perspectives from consortia leadership and a medium-sized, academic publisher pertaining to collaborating on unique collection development solutions that also include Open Access content solutions for consortia looking to “do more with less” for their members. Audience participation in addressing proposed questions is strongly encouraged to contribute to the development of this discussion. Questions to consider:

  • How do consortia of varying structures tackle Open Access solutions?
  • Where are budgets coming from for OA solutions? How are budgets being managed currently or being adjusted to address this need?
  • What are the innovative solutions that consortia and their members are implementing to integrate the OA movement into their budget? How can publishers/aggregators address these needs?
  • What type of programs/models are feasible? How do consortia and their members decide which pilot models to initiate?