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The Nelson Memo: A tipping point for open access science in the US?

The Nelson Memo: A tipping point for open access science in the US?

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 4:00 PM EST
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The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recently issued groundbreaking new guidance that publicly funded scientific knowledge be free from restrictive paywalls when published and be immediately available to all (the ‘Nelson memo’).

The three-year countdown to implementation has begun and will shape the future of open science and scholarly publishing. Stakeholders from all perspectives will be settling their views and framing their approach in the contest ahead for implementation.

This panel discussion will offer an early assessment of the OSTP’s guidance and its likely implications in practical and political terms.

It will bring a particular focus to the guidance’s implications for libraries and publishers; it will share faculty perspectives more broadly; and it will highlight our collective opportunities to shape implementation.

Amongst other things, the lessons learnt from similar large scale funder mandates such as Plan S in Europe will be offered, alongside broader challenges and opportunities ahead.

Why attend this session: The panel discussion should offer libraries a unique, firsthand assessment of the Nelson Memo from policy and publishing experts, with a mix of policy analysis, debate, and informed forecasting. It will bring insight to help shape the implementation of the guidance for the benefit of key communities.

Confirmed speakers

Daniel Sepulveda, Senior Vice President Platinum Advisors

Daniel is a policy expert and advisor with a focus on Congress and the Executive branch of government. He’s a former Ambassador in the Economic Bureau at the State Department in the Obama Administration, and has served as Senior Advisor to Senators John Kerry, Barrack Obama, and Barbara Boxer.

Danielle Cooper, Ithaka S+R

Danielle is Director for Libraries, Scholarly Communications and Museums at Ithaka S+R, where she oversees a team exploring how information practices are evolving in higher education and cultural organizations. Much of her work focuses on under-resourced academic communities.

Robert Kiley, Head of Strategy, cOAlition S (remote participation)

Robert is one of the main architects of Plan S, a funder led initiative to make publicly and privately funded research openly accessible. As Head of Strategy of cOAlition S he oversees the coordination of implementation by the 28 participating funding agencies and programmes. He’s the former Head of Open Research at the Wellcome Trust.

Moderator: Julia Kostova, Director of Publishing Development, Frontiers Inc.

Julia leads Frontiers’ editorial strategy in the US with the mission of supporting researchers, authors, and institution in making the transition to open access. She’s a seasoned scholarly publishing professional. Prior to joining Frontiers, she was VP for scholarly communications at Outsell Inc, and has held senior roles at Wiley and Oxford University Press.

SC: Scholarly Communication
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