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How Libraries and Vendors are Leveraging the Open Ecosystem to Improve Access to Ebooks

How Libraries and Vendors are Leveraging the Open Ecosystem to Improve Access to Ebooks

Thursday, November 3, 2022 1:15 PM EDT
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Francis Marion Carolina Ballroom
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The Palace Project is a $5 million Knight Foundation initiative to provide equitable access to digital knowledge, bolster the relationship between libraries and patrons, protect patron privacy and enable libraries to service all their electronic content from a single app. New York University and Columbia University are partnering with ProQuest, Springer Nature and LYRASIS to launch Palace for academic libraries using upon open standards and interoperable technologies. Audrey Marcus from ProQuest Part of Clarivate and Robert Boissy from Springer Nature will relate the process of orienting staff and engineering resource to the project, emphasizing additional use of eBook content by authenticated remote users on mobile devices using open standards, APIs and common authentication and access control methods that constitute the open and interoperable ecosystem for academic ebooks. The process of included building up a new application programming interface to serve needed eBook metadata matched to library holdings on a startup and ongoing basis will be described, as will general policy trends around complementary access modes content. James English will provide the perspective of The Palace Project and LYRASIS as an open source community leader, program manager, and system integrator.

TE: Technology & Trends
Springer Nature, Open Standards, Integration, EBook Access, Open Source
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